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DockerCon San Francisco 2019 Call for Papers

Deadline: January 18th at 11:59 PST


Docker and containers are being used everywhere for everything - from sending rockets to space to literally save the earth from asteroids, to running intensive genomics analysis to find cures for diseases, or keeping ecommerce running smoothly for black friday shoppers. Docker’s principles of making easy to use yet powerful tools for developers and IT ops enables creative people around the world to build software faster.

The Call for Papers for DockerCon San Francisco is now open!

We want to hear your story - how you are working with containers in your organization.
DockerCon attendees are a mix of developers, systems admins, architects, and IT decision makers —from beginner, to intermediate, and advanced users—who are all looking to level up their skills, connect with fellow container fans and go home inspired to implement new containerization initiatives.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to tell your story
Submit a CFP (or two) today, before the January 18th deadline.

First timer? Fantastic!

Don’t be nervous about proposing your idea - no topic is too small or too big. Some of the best talks have come from people just like you - and for some speakers, DockerCon is their first time public speaking. This is a great way to get to know the community, share ideas and collaborate. Our team is here to help you through first time speaker jitters too, so go ahead and hit SUBMIT.

Suggested Topics

DockerCon provides a variety of breakouts to address the needs of developers and IT teams whether they are new to containers or about to scale a global deployment. Our attendees expect practical guidance so avoid vendor sales pitches:

  • “How To” type sessions for developers or IT teams

  • Case Studies

  • Technical deep dives into container and distributed systems related components

  • Cool New Apps built with Docker containers

  • The craziest thing you have containerized

  • Wild Card - anything and everything!

  • The impact of change – both for organizations and ourselves as individuals and communities.

  • Inspirational stories

What’s in it for you?

  • A complimentary conference pass for all accepted speakers

  • Speakers gift + party

  • Chance to share your experience with the broader community in person and online

  • A recording of your talk that will be posted online

Please submit your proposals by clicking on the links provided below.


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