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DockerCon 2019
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309393 - Open Source Summit: Kubernetes

Session Speakers
Session Description

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. This session will focus on updates from Google and Docker about roadmaps for Container Storage Interface (CSI), Container Network Interface (CNI) and support for Windows workloads graduating to stable in Kubernetes 1.14. We will also see a demo of building stateful applications using Rook on Kubernetes and conclude with Birds of a Feather discussion. Kubernetes and Container Storage Interface Update [30 mins] Michelle Au, Google The Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a standard API that is used to orchestrate control plane operations for file and block storage systems. Storage vendors write a CSI-compatible driver, which can then be plugged into various container orchestration frameworks, such as Kubernetes and Mesos. In this session, I will highlight the opportunities that CSI has opened up for storage vendors and end users, discuss how vendors can integrate and test their CSI drivers in Kubernetes, talk about new and upcoming features such as volume resizing, and cloning, and provide guidance on ways you can get involved in the community. Building stateful applications on Docker Enterprise with Rook [15 mins] Roberto, Docker Inc. This talk will cover the trade-offs and challenges in deploying stateful applications such a Wordpress and Jenkins on top of Kubernetes or any other container orchestrator. Rook will be used to showcase how to automatically manage the volume's lifecycle through the Kubernetes operators. Windows support - k8s 1.14 windows support graduating to GA; GMSA [15 mins] Jean Rogue, Docker Inc. Kubernetes 1.14 has just shipped, bringing a momentous change: official support for Windows. We’ll dive into what this means exactly: is it really ready for use in production today? What features are officially supported, and how can you leverage those to migrate your existing Windows workloads to an orchestrated world? After a general overview, we’ll dig into two areas in particular: how to manage credentials and authentication using the new (alpha) GMSA support; and then what solutions currently exist for storage for Windows orchestrated workloads. Finally, we’ll look into what’s next for Windows support in Kubernetes, and what exciting features future releases should bring to the table. Deploying Istio as an Ingress Controller[15 mins] Arko Dasgupta, Docker Inc. This talk highlights the features in Istio that enable it to be a powerful Ingress Controller and how operators can leverage these to implement traffic policies such as HTTP Routing, fine grained load balancing and TLS Authentication Birds of a Feather

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Open Source
2 Hours
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